The real shade of grey

All doubt about what is now being referred to as ‘Mommy Porn’ is being cast aside. It sells! This new book is setting sales records in almost every genre, as well as securing contracts with Hollywood in the blink of an eye. How many Bloodstains readers have read Fifty Shades of Grey?   It seems obvious I made a mistake when editing Bloodstains. Originally, the book overflowed with a “fifty shades of grey” undercurrent. The sadomasochistic eroticism which made up much of Holmes’ life. I removed most for fear of touching some forbidden place, not allowed, where love, control, pain, even murder mingle. What scared me intensely, was there, unlike in this new novel, all was true. For every single one of Holmes’ approximately 200 mistresses lived in terror, under his control, with full knowledge of exactly who and what he was, yet at the same time, more in love than ever before, or after, if he decided to let them live when he grew bored with them, than in their entire lives. If you doubt me, review some of his lover’s comments to the newspapers after Holmes was led away to be hanged. Their grief was epic, even unmatched, their tears never-ending.   Working on remedying my mistake now, but with history, real life and the truth applied.

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