The Portal to Hell and Jack the Ripper

We have dotted every ‘i’ and crossed all the ‘Ts’. Thank you Susan Sherman. Now all we have to do is await final authority from the Federal Government to investigate, record & document the portal from the Post Office basement at 63rd & Wallace in Chicago, through the 1937 concrete wall, into the circa 1889 Murder Castle basement of H.H. Holmes. Approval is said to be on the way. After our two night investigation, when we’re finished, we will present this digital historical evidence to the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, National Museum of American History and British Library, to once and for all, with one additional step, solve and conclusively prove Jack the Ripper.

By the way, for you Ripperologists, the History Channel already has this same portal on video, with me explaining its origin, time of construction, purpose and relevant position, but they decided against running the clip on ‘Haunted History’ for National Television.  They have informed me they are considering the production of a series establishing JTR as H.H. Holmes.

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