The H.H. Holmes Alibi

They make fun of the computer schematic of Jack the Ripper created by the BBC and Scotland Yard in 2006. The one which obviously resembles the photos of H.H. Holmes. Does it resemble others too? Of course. What police schematic doesn’t, and any good detective would be the first to qualify his opinion regarding this resemblance.    More than all this however, what amazes me is these historians failure to fill the ‘Jack the Ripper Gap’. The H.H. Holmes’ alibi. We know exactly where he was in July of 1888. We also know exactly where he was the Spring of 1889. In between? Nothing. The Jack  the Ripper gap. Coincidence, maybe, but an incredibly easy piece of police work for those serious in disproving my contentions that probable cause exists identifying H.H. Holmes as Jack the Ripper. Any good detective, Scotland Yard, even the FBI could eat this piece of detective work up like it was a piece of cake. Why don’t they?

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