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Memoirs From The Void – Blog / October 08, 2013   Many of us have inherit questions at some point in our lives, questions like Who am I? and Why am I the way I am? Imagine then when asking these questions the dream of finding your roots becomes nightmare after nightmare of discoveries, that

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H.H. Holmes, perhaps the most evil man to have ever existed

And all in just a little more than 18 months. It seems our story about the human condition after suddenly determining ones genes originated from the worst imaginable source, H.H. Holmes, perhaps the most evil man to have ever existed, has interested quite a few of the normal folk, despite the fact our advertising budget measures in

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The real shade of grey

All doubt about what is now being referred to as ‘Mommy Porn’ is being cast aside. It sells! This new book is setting sales records in almost every genre, as well as securing contracts with Hollywood in the blink of an eye. How many Bloodstains readers have read Fifty Shades of Grey?   It seems obvious I made a mistake when editing Bloodstains. Originally, the

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