Sell-out on Block Island!

Beth’s Bookstore was next to Nat’s Bar, making story telling and marketing of a book very, very easy! We hung a sign up announcing our presence and lo and behold, a crowd showed up… interested in the story! What a day we had.

On a more somber note, the last three or four weeks, I’ve sensed a growing resentment, sometimes even anger, regarding my attempt to solve the well over a century old JTR mystery with pure fact about HH Holmes. Using direct and circumstantial evidence. Also, the same emotion has surfaced regarding the paranormal investigation OF ALL TIME with the A-Team at 63rd and Wallace in Chicago, this coming September. Can anyone explain to me why this is? What generates the hatred in response to my efforts?   Let me explain something to those so afflicted… everything previously taken for granted about the historical figure Holmes, is now, for the first time, being examined under a microscope as evidence, as if in a court of law. I’m not just selling a story about Holmes. His story is being proven. Take the History Channel for example. Before they broadcast their findings about Holmes as JTR, they had the right to hire investigators, criminologists, ripperologists, lawyers, etc., to verify every piece of evidence we offered them. Well let me disclose something to you right now… they are, as Mike Nichols, executive producer for Pilgrim Studios, revealed last Thursday on the Mudge Report. Also, the mega cable companies like HBO and Showtime are considering a mock trial mini-series using the same evidence with a real judge, jury and practicing criminal lawyers to prove identity beyond a reasonable doubt. What is verifiable and what isn’t, will quickly be revealed, and with absolutely no regard for my feelings. As for the paranormal investigation of the Murder Castle with PBS, nothing will be photoshopped to the over two million viewers the studio expects to watch their show about the event. Both of these events, both of these documentaries, are about fact, about reality, about evidence at law. So once again, why the hate? I’d love to hear your opinions about this.     Oh, one more thing: anonymous name calling on Twitter and Facebook is cowardly. Man up.

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