Last night’s Mudge Report on blogtalkradio

Don’t know how many of you appreciate just how difficult it would be for anyone, with minutes to go, for even a professional, to step in for an hour, live, and host such a show, even one as elementary as The Mudge Report. Dane and Susan rocked last night! Please join in and give them a hand for me.   Rumors abound in the paranormal world about how chaotic the upcoming A-Team investigation of The Murder Castle is turning out to be. A regular three ring circus, I’m told. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. We are on track, in control, just stepping back at this stage to allow these five great minds to create the investigations of their lifetimes. Brilliant minds need room to explode! The ideas each runs by me, almost everyday now, are astounding. Wait until you see them all, especially the new electronics which will be tested live and for the first time ever. And the drama, re-enacting period times, well, who knows what will be triggered, (besides an Emmy)? What PBS and I are trying to figure now, is how to direct each, in the limited time we have, so that every piece of distinct scientific format eventually flows back into a whole which works on television. Steven Speilberg where are you?! If you’ve a new idea to test, let me hear about it. You just might become the 6th member of the team.   Yesterday, an old friend redescribed what our upcoming epic investigation should be thought of as. He said: “If the paranormal isn’t proven by the A-Team at 63rd & Wallace, as evil and horrible a place as ever was, then it’s time for mankind to move on. It simply doesn’t exist.” This hit me right between the eyes.   Finally, walking past the Zahau “suicide” mansion yesterday, noticed it was open. Me being me, walked right in and began taking pictures. The real estate agent ran over and tried to escort me out. Pulling back, told her I was interested in buying. She replied with the multi-million dollar scare comment. Never even blinked, just answered back if a check would be fine, to which she staggered back, stammering, “ok…”, letting me continue. Before she gathered herself, I walked up the staircase to THE room so ably described by the newspapers last year. As I entered through the open door, that old chill ran right through my bones… the same one which hit me at 63rd & Wallace. There is an energy. I’ll try and describe it later.

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