Jack the Ripper


H.H Holmes & Jack the Ripper

H.H Holmes & Jack the Ripper

The computer composite seen here of Jack the Ripper was created in 2006 by Scotland Yard and BBC, using the 13 strong eyewitness accounts from 1888. This is what the killer looked like!
The photo is of Herman Mudgett, aka, H.H. Holmes, the most prolific serial killer who ever lived.

No photoshopping, no variations, using 154 separate images, both shots were merged. The result is obvious and for you to judge.

This is but one piece of the evidence proving identity. Chapter 23 of Bloodstains, based upon these facts, describes what the author thinks happened.

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Image Transition by John Stephenson, Copyright © 2012 -2017, All Rights Reserved

More Direct Evidence H.H. Holmes was Jack the Ripper

In red, the infamous Ripper letter.In black, H.H. Holmes handwriting.

Handwriting analysis & photo credits by John Stephenson

The expert recommended by the British Library concluded, “the same hand”.
The computer program utilized by the Postal Service and Department of Justice returned a number of 97.95% similarity.
What do you see?

Jeff Mudgett presents “The Grand Jury” of Jack the Ripper on TED