H.H. Holmes, perhaps the most evil man to have ever existed

And all in just a little more than 18 months. It seems our story about the human condition after suddenly determining ones genes originated from the worst imaginable source, H.H. Holmes, perhaps the most evil man to have ever existed, has interested quite a few of the normal folk, despite the fact our advertising budget measures in the hundreds of dollars. And now, with our contentions about Jack the Ripper finally being given the serious consideration they deserve, who knows where Bloodstains will end up? There is talk of a major motion picture, two new historical pieces to be published this summer, both agreeing with our evidence H.H. Holmes was Jack the Ripper, and the possibility that one of the National Cable Companies will go on air and state they too agree, after extensive consideration of the evidence, with Bloodstain’s arguments. To say we are excited, would be an understatement.     Now let’s have some fun! To the reader who purchases the 10,000th edition of Bloodstains, we have an incredible gift for you. We are producing a small number of special limited edition Bloodstains, in full leather binding and parchment like print, which will resemble the H.H. Holmes diary described in the Bloodstains story. One of these amazing books will be our thank you to this one for helping us accomplish the ‘impossible’. Thank you.

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