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  • Excellent!

  • wow , you surely made it hard to leave feed back about your book which you asked for at the book signing I went to in Rockford , Il. last year about this time. Some hard to ignore life events kept me from reading your book immediately but I am glad to have finally gotten the chance. I loved the book and it was a welcomed delight after having read another not so interesting book about the same individual. I like how you used your relationship to the murderer as insight into his twisted mind. One will never really be quite sure if the events took place or were conjured up. Either way a good read.

  • If Holmes daughter was born in July of 1889 she would have been conceived sometime in September of 1888. The Ripper murders began in August of 1888. The only way Holmes could be the Ripper is if he took his baby mama to London. Any proof of that?

  • BLOODSTAINS: Timeless Contradictions

    Is it Real? In “Bloodstains”, Mr. Jeffrey Mudgett waltzes the gentle reader along the boundaries between reality and dreams, good and evil, truth and fiction, in the end leaving only faded imaginings and longing for more. But are not all who succumb to Dr. H. H. Holmes left longing? Not for another stroll in the White City, but to drown in the depths of eyes that are “as blue as the ocean”.

    I had known Dr. Holmes for many years when first I heard the name Herman Webster Mudgett and met his great, great grandson on the History Channel. Long ago, I was fevered by the wrong turn of the 19th century, first in the night of London England’s East End and later, after formal introductions, aboard the railway of another destiny—last stop, The World’s Fair Hotel.

    The author’s detailed, daringly molded impressions, fired in the kiln of his heritage, furnished the vessels for his own angels and demons. I wondered, held in thrall of images materializing and dissolving in my mind like wraiths in a graveyard, could they possibly be shades of my own bloodstained nightmares? The epilogue found me offering myself to the possibility of the impossible, that this wonderful and terrible incarnation of intellectual genius and diabolical impenitence had transcended not only his own execution, but Time itself.

    Is it God whom I hear laughing, as I spin through the maze that is the eternal Castle of Dr. H. H. Holmes?

  • I was extremely captivated by this book. It sparked my interest to the point where I decided to find more information. Regrettably, there is none as accurate as this book. Every thing else just seems one off. I look forward into venturing in the newest book.

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