Gregor Mendel, often called the father of genetics, developed theories in the 19th Century making us composites of our parents. This has been the basis for our understanding of genetics ever since. Well, lately, scientists have come to believe Mendel’s understanding was, at best, incomplete. Mom and Dad’s, and before them, genes imprint at different levels, making it critical which you inherited a certain one from. How they imprint, in other words. The influence from each matters, making Mendelian inheritance much more complex. When that balance is upset, problems may emerge, changing the very life of their child. Disorders, imbalances, character, instincts, even obesity may result. Basically, we can no longer think of ourselves as rough composites of our parents, but rather intricate mazes bonded together from thousands of maternal and paternal pieces throughout evolution… and your direct ancestors. To study this phenomenon further, Susan and I are  tracking down the leading genetic expert in the United States to appear on The Mudge Report and discuss how instincts and character could have been passed down from great, greats!

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