Elementary, or not?

The mansion was the scene of last year’s questionable suicide of Rebecca Zahua. You may recall she was the one found dead, hanging from her balcony, naked, with ankles and wrists bound behind her back with a slip knot a professional sailor would have been proud of. The police argued she had yoga’d herself into the hangman’s noose, then hurled herself off the into space, despite being so restrained. They discounted neighbor’s testimony they’d heard a woman’s previous screaming, and an autopsy which revealed blows to the top of her head. Police admitted the “circumstances surrounding the death were baffling.” They produced a video for television where a professional stunt woman proved what they were arguing was possible. We didn’t hire you to prove what was possible, you dummies, but what most likely occurred! Hmmmm.   Last year, midnight or so, I remember walking past the camped out news trucks, hearing the reporters all saying they thought it was murder. The case plodded along. The family hired lawyers to further investigate and performed another autopsy. They even went on Dr. Phil to report their contrary findings. Then… nothing! A full year later now. What happened?   Well today I was shocked to see the mansion being taken apart. Erasing old bad memories, or…. Stay with me on this. You all know me. Can’t let this one go. Someone has to dig deeper

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