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Many of us have inherit questions at some point in our lives, questions like Who am I? and Why am I the way I am? Imagine then when asking these questions the dream of finding your roots becomes nightmare after nightmare of discoveries, that within your bloodline you find an individual although in a way lost to time still through the ages haunts people to this very day as his name brings a chill to the spine not unlike the names of Gacey, Ramirez, Zodiac and Dahmer. Searching further you find that even with the 4 names previously mentioned that this man is on a level of his own…..a monster…..a devil……the devil, join us as we review author Jeff Mudgett’s acclaimed novel Bloodstains and his journey getting to know his great-great-grandfather Herman a.k.a. H.H. Holmes. Bloodstains is a novel that twists and turns taking the reader from non-fiction to a paranormal thriller as Jeff when researching his long lost relative begins to believe that he has awakened a long thought sleeping curse attached to his great-great-grandfather Herman Webster Mudgett, in his journey to learn more about Holmes Jeff finds that his blood relative isinfamous for his actions including human experiments, the selling of victimsskeletons to universities around the country, a possible connection to Jack the Ripper, and disappearances of many at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago in his Murder Castle. Jeff in his study of Holmes begins to fear that his research has awakened Holmes and the curse that many reported on in many of the notable publications of the time, Jeff finds himself in a battle with the voices in his head being affected by life threatening grand mal seizures whenever Jeff disobeys them. Jeff even visits the very Castle (now a post office) that Holmes reigned in as its king and executioner, only to find himself shortly after fighting Holmes intentions for him to take on the family business with every moral fiber he has within himself. Bloodstains will take you on a roller coaster ride like you have never been on before; Mudgett’s style of writing will make sure to keep you in the book wanting to know page after page what will occur not wanting to place the book down until completion. The back story that Mudgett gives on Holmes brings to the light one of the most infamous mass murderers in the history of the United States, in many cases a man that has been lost to history as the generations passed by. You find yourself pulled into the book placing yourself into the author’s shoes wondering what decision you would make if it was you and in the same breath being astonished and amazed by the scheming and cunning of Holmes the devil himself even in his most peril less moments.

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