Imagine finding out at forty years old you were the direct descendant of the most evil man to have ever lived, H.H. Holmes

Herman Mudgett, aka H.H. Holmes


is the horror thriller which hangs so precariously in the balance between what actually occurred and the seemingly supernatural, the book is indefinable in contemporary literature.

Herman Webster Mudgett

Imagine waking up one otherwise normal day to be told you are the direct descendant of the Doctor of Death and the Prince of Darkness. That Herman Webster Mudgett, aka H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer and most prolific mass murderer, the very embodiment of evil, the devil personified, is your Great-Great Grandfather.

What would you have done upon learning your ancestor may have been ‘Jack the Ripper’, and was the real-life Hannibal Lecter? You would have done exactly what the author did and gone on a quest to unearth the truth, writing about a series of dark and dangerous adventures, no questions barred, to determine his ancestry. The resulting story shatters significant chunks of history as we know it.

H.H. Holmes

The author explores his relationship to this cold-blooded, premeditated killer through his DNA, his own borderline personality disorder, and his grandfather’s never before revealed personal knowledge of the maniacal monster.

He learns the arch-criminal and fiendish villain, sociopathic and psychopathic from birth, was the most evil, diabolical man to have ever roamed the planet. With movie-star good looks, the charming genius doctor and confidence man seduced women at will, often hypnotizing them, living a luxurious life, the master of all around him. Holmes was Machiavelli, Svengali, Rasputin, and more, rolled into one finely-tuned killing machine.

Jack the Ripper

The book takes us from Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., to San Francisco, New York, even London the summer of 1888, where Ripperology is cast upon its respective ear. There, Jeff determines, among other things, that Holmes marketed human skeletons to medical schools and returned to the States with specimens

The Murder Castle

The Murder Castle

In Chicago, the author investigates the Beast of Chicago’s still thought-haunted Chamber of Horrors, aka the Murder Castle, where hundreds were done away with. Down deep below, Jeff sees the Doctor’s private laboratory, the dungeon of torture and death, and is ‘touched’ by the spirit of this chameleon-like ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. He envisions trapdoors, medieval torture racks, crematoriums, even a gas chamber in the 19th Century hotel and pharmacy’s basement, now a U.S. Post Office.

The Holmes Curse

Jeff’s story was written while he was suffering from epilepsy-first acquired only after learning of his ancestry-caused by a mysterious brain tumor triggering Grand Mal tonic seizures. Eerie coincidence or strange bizarre twist, some believed the cancer the work of the renowned ‘Holmes Curse.’ Close to the truth, Jeff fights the accelerating epileptic seizures threatening to radically alter his persona.


Running out of time, the macabre ending pits good against evil, as everything we care about and all we fear, struggle to determine if this man’s soul is worthy or is to be condemned simply because of who he was born, no, destined to be.
There are scores of great books about the killer, including The Devil in the White City, Depraved and The Torture Doctor. We hope after reading our book, you think it belongs in that august company.
Given the chance, we think you’ll agree that


is like nothing you have ever read before. Open the pages and begin … if you dare!

I was born with the devil in me…he has been with me ever since.’ – Herman Webster Mudgett –